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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vote Both #ernieball Contests from 1 site and get FREE EP Downloads for Your Efforts

For those of you who like visual to go along with your intellectual stimulation here is a how to video
There is only 1 active #ernieballbattleofthebands contest running now.  Please click on icon or link below and vote 4 us you will find 2 Free EP Downloads in the Comments.

Vote for us to play Sturgis

Please use the share button too and let everyone you know
know that they can get some FREE music from us we hope
you'll continue to vote for us for any future #ernieball contests.  We will always do what we can for our friends and fans that support us. You will always find something cool in the comments of every contest.  Feel free to leave your own comments too. If you'd like to be more social with us on Twitter- or on

If you are brand new to Mark Stone and the Dirty Country band and you'd like a little more background than what is given on the contest sites or you just want to check out some of the recent press the band has generated here's a couple of introduction pieces.  This Video Interview was done by iMoveiLive Online Music Magazine.

or check out the piece done by Niji Magazine

Lastly as a music lover myself every Wednesday at 5:30-6pmCST I do a radio show called
Turn It 2-11 Radio where I shamelessly and selfishly play a bunch of music I like for 30 minutes and invite everyone I know to come along for a listen.
If You Want to be included send MP3 Submission via email to
#Gruntry, #Southern Rock, #Hard Country, #Outlaw Music, #mst0ne, #TheDirtyCountryBand

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