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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Goodbye TX, Going Back Home to MN for the Summer and Maybe for Good

Doesn't really seem like 7 months have passed since I was counting down leaving MN and releasing my 2nd single but it has.  Now I'm counting down the days to Leaving TX and heading back home for the summer.  I Won't Miss You MN remains my most viewed YouTube video at over 21,000 views.  I'll definitely miss some things about TX but not as much as I've grown to miss home.

I still haven't been able to raise the attention of press in MN but while in TX I managed to kick up a little dust with the press.
“Whiskey Talkin @mst0ne Swampy southern rock with big voice! Great sound..... Chorus is killer”
“MADAME OF MUSIC ‏@OfMadame onTwitter @mst0ne "I Won't Miss You MN" Great song:-)) great voice ; )”
“Check out this great new interview with rising country talent Mark Stone.”
“BestMusicNews4uRadio @BestMusicNews4U Mark Stone( @mst0ne)and the Dirty Country Band Country Rock - "Whiskey Talkin'" Just Simple, well done Kick ASS Rock! #BMN4U #Influence”

“You have a cool sound(reminded me instantly of something similar to GNR), I like the catchy songs and you obviously know how to write.”
“Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band describe their sound as what “A Honky Tonk Bar Brawl Between the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Alice in Chains Would Sound Like. Turning Southern Rock to 11 one gig at a time.” Mark Stone is the lead Singer Guitar Player and mad scientist behind Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band and the creator of #Gruntry.”
“Whiskey Talkin' I would say more of the rock with some blues guitar than a country song, unlike what I think of as a classic rock song it's not as fast and upbeat. With the blues style guitars it gives another feel about the song, and the actual riffs are amazing. There's also a familiarity to them, something that after a long time and listening to a lot of sounds I found the familiarity in Bon Jovi. It's not the whole song I found the similarity just the catchy guitar riffs. There's a great vocal range though out the song, more than I was expecting to be honest. In the rare times I've listened to this style of music I'd found the vocals can often be lacking, but Mark's voice is really good, making the lyrics clear and stand out against the music its self. Lyrics is this a story of a man in love with the alcohol or not? I find it hard to tell. Over all I enjoyed the song, it wasn't something I got bored of as I had it on repeat but I wouldn't have called it country by any means.”
And the very 1st  Review of The Sequel album available for Pre-Order Now on
“I really wasn’t sure what to expect before listening to these songs, I had my thoughts on what I was in for, but I’m pleased to say that my expectations were exceeded after having listened to all six tracks. I was expecting a dirty hard rocking roadhouse band, but I got some terrific well written songs that really did blend many more modern rock styles with country influence like I’ve never heard before, going from “heartland rock” to heavy grungy roadhouse blues and not caring what listeners think. I look forward, as I recommend others should, for the full album when it comes out.”

By the time I leave TX I should Know if we'll be playing #ernieballbattleofthebands #rockontherange
We are currently the #4BuzzRatedBand out of over 300 entries you can still vote for us on and if you look in the comment section you'll find a Free download of I Won't Miss You MN as a way of saying thank you for voting from us to you

If you are in the MN this summer you can catch Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band at:

Delano Lanes & Entertainment - May 24th @ 9:00pm

Arizonas - May 25th & 26th @ 8:00pm

Thunder Valley Bar & Grill - June 6th @ 9:00pm

JR's Outpost - June 13th @ 9:00pm

NorthStar Bar - June 14th @ 9:30pm

Catch the Radio Show Turn it 2-11 Every Wednesday 5:30-6pmCST

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