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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Sequel Coming Soon Features Southern Rock Turned to 11 as Well as Traditional Country Sounds

The Sequel is the first full length album by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band and was scheduled to be digitally released 5/24/14.  BAD NEWS: due to complications with production on the last 3 songs it should be out in Early 2015 almost everywhere 
GOOD NEWS: you can purchase a Pre-Order copy at any live music event Mark Stone is a part of for only 5$ which includes all but the last 2 songs and with your email or snail mail address we will send you a digital download or disc of the last 2 songs FREE just for buying NOW or You can Purchase a Pre-Sale Copy from our Website for 6$(leave your email address in comments or special instructions at purchase) both include the new single I Wanna Kiss You In The Country and the Alternative Country Single thats being added on Independent Radio Stations like Wildfire, No One's Leaving. It pays to be one of the first and you SAVE.  The average price of the full digital release once it's available everywhere will be $9.99   Thank You So Much for your support.

The Presale will include MUDDER TRUCKER

My Neck of Woods
She Likes Dixie
I Won't Miss You MN

Whiskey Talkin'

Lost Weekend

I Wanna Kiss You In The Country

as well as Livin' the Dream and No One's Leaving all for 6$  (or 5$ at a Live Event)

Not included on the Presale disc are: Better Man and Free, Easy and More but these 2 tracks will be sent to you free via email or snail mail for purchasing now.

Here's a recent review of The Sequel pre-order available now through  and at live shows, soon available everywhere digital music is sold buy now direct and save.

Oh, One Last Thing.  If Things are a little tight right now I can understand that.  During the holidays we all stretch ourselves a little thin at times but it's also the spirit of giving that makes it so special. It's better to give than receive. So, we are giving away our 1st 2 EP's for FREE to folks who follow us on Twitter. Click then click follow button in the upper right and you will be sent a download link for our first to EPs but like all good things this offer is only good until the World Wide Digital Release of The Sequel.  So get on it and tell a friend or 2.  Thanks Again for the support and I'm wishing for all of you the Best of Holiday Seasons.

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